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Micky Finn

Band: T.Rex

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Micky Finn died aged fifty-five on 11th January 2003 from alcohol-related liver and kidney problems, in Croydon, Surrey, U.K. .

Micky Finn, birth name Michael Norman Finn, was born on 3rd June 1947 in Thornton Heath, Surrey, U.K. He was the percussionist and sideman to Marc Bolan in his band Tyrannosaurus Rex and later, the 1970s glam rock group, T.Rex. After Micky joined T.Rex in late 1969, it was rumoured that Marc Bolan had hired Micky Finn for his good looks, and because he admired his motorcycle, rather than for his musical ability. Micky was unable to recreate the complex rhythmical patterns of his predecessor, Steve Peregrin Took, and was effectively hired as much for a visual foil for Bolan as for his drumming.

Mickey Finn stated, on a radio show in Denmark that his big influence in percussion was the prolific Master Henry Gibson from Curtis Mayfield's band. In the early 1970s, Micky Finn's contribution as bongocero, backing vocalist, and, occasionally, bass guitarist, to Bolan's music was essential, because Tyrannosaurus Rex and T. Rex started off as a duo and Marc needed a replacement for Steve Peregrin Took. Something of a character both on and off stage, Micky Finn was often to be seen wearing a hat (including a green bowler), a trademark that was adopted by a significant proportion of T. Rex fans.

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Micky Finn made a handful of guest appearances with the West London rock band, Checkpoint Charlie, fronphoto of Micky Finnted by Mick Lexington.
In 1991 Micky joined Croydon Rythm&Blues band WD40, which had a fluid line-up based around his very old friend drummer Stewart Childs and vocalist and guitarist Pete Robins. The band then added guitarists, percussion etc. as required but unfortunately Mickey was forced to retire after about twelve months due to his failing health. .

Micky Finn returned to the mainstream music scene in 1997, fronting a new version of T. Rex called Mickey Finn's T. Rex, playing the original T. Rex songs.

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