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Paul Williams

Bands: Big Roll Band, Bluesbreakers, Juicy Lucy, Tempest, I.O.U, Blue Thunder,

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    Paul Williams died aged seventy-eight on 1st March photo of Paul Williams2019.
 Paul, birth name, Paul Nigel Vincent Yarlett, was born in England, United Kingdom, in 1940.
   During his early career Paul joined Zoot Money's Big Roll Band on bass and vocals, alongside the guitarist Andy Summers and then he replaced John McVie in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, while also recording with Aynsley Dunbar and Dick Heckstall-Smith. In 1970 he joined the band Juicy Lucy as lead vocalist and recorded the album Lie Back and Enjoy It.

    In 1973 Paul Williams joined the progressive rock group Tempest, led by Jon Hiseman on drums with Mark Clarke on bass and Allan Holdsworth on guitar. After relocating to the United States, he joined Holdsworth in the group known as I.O.U. and recorded the three critically acclaimed albums I.O.U., Road Games and Metal Fatigue.

    Paul Willaims' most recent touring band had image of Paul Williamsbeen Blue Thunder.

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