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Charlie Tumahai

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Charlie Tumahai died on 21st Decemberphoto of Charlie Tumahai 1995 aged forty-six after suffering a heart attack while working at the Auckland District Court in New Zealand. Charlie had returned to New Zealand in 1985 and joined the popular New Zealand reggae band Herbs.

As well as music he became involved in Maori affairs, working as a voluntary member of a scheme set up to assist young Maori offenders in Auckland. He was also developing plans for an arts programme for Maori prisoners and for exploring new ways he could help young Maori people connect with their culture.

Charlie Tumahai was born in Orakei, Auckland, New Zealand, where he began his music career before moving to Australia in the late 1960image of Charlie Tumahais.
He was a member of several notable Australian bands including Chain, Healing Force, Friends and Mississippi .
Charlie then travelled to the UK with Mississippi in 1974 and remained there when Mississippi broke up.

Later that year he joined Be-Bop Deluxe, with whom he played and recorded until 1978.

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