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Mick Tucker

Bands: The Sweet

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Mick Tucker died aged fifty-four from leukemia, on 14th February 2002 in photo of Mick TuckerWelwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, U.K.. He is buried in Chorleywood House cemetery where a wooden bench with a brass plaque funded by fans is positioned in the grave's vicinity.

Mick was survived by his wife, Janet, and a daughter, Aiston, from his first marriage to Pauline who died in 1979.

Mick Tucker was born in 1947 in North West London, U.K.
In 1973, he married his first wife, Pauline and they moved into a house in Ruislip, Greater London, U.K.

By the age of nineteen, Mick Tucker had embarked on a career in pop music, playing around pubs and clubs in a band called Wainwright's Gentlemen and was later joined by vocalist Brian Connolly playing a mixture of R&B, Motown, and early psychedelic sounds but the band split in 1968.
Mick was a founding member of the band Sweetshop in January 1968 along with Steve Priest, Brian Connolly, and Frank Torpey, who was later replaced by Mick Stewart, who was himself succeeded by Andy Scott. "Sweetshop" was shortened to "The Sweet" in 1968.

As a boy, Mick's first interest was art but by fourteen he had changed his interest to the drums, influenced by Sandy Nelson, Buddy Rich, and Gene Krupa. Mick Tucker's father offered him a drum kit but only if he would take drumming seriously. Hubert Tucker encouraged his son, even getting him his first gig, sitting in for Brian Bennett of legendary British beat group the Shadows at a local workingman's club.

A self-taught drummer, Mick Tucker excelled, and by age eighteen he was playing in the band Wainwright's Gentlemen. When Mick Tucker was fired in January 1968 for being "too flamboyant", singer Brian Connolly stated that he was leaving too. The two looked for new band-mates, and the band Sweetshop was soon formed.

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