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Peter Thorup

Bands: CCS, Beefeaters, New Church, Snape,

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    Peter Thorup died aged fifty-eight in Ronne, Bornholm Island, Denmark. He was a guitarist, singer, composer and record producer and was one of the most important blues musicians in Denmark.photo of Peter Thorup
    Peter Thorup was born on 14th December 1948 in Sollerod, Denmark. He played at the age of eighteen in the Danish band, Beefeaters, and then first met Alexis Korner on his concert tour in Scandinavia. They formed New Church, and then in 1970 Collective Consciousness Society, (CCS). They were among the first groups to record on Mickie Most's RAK Records and John Cameron arranged their albums. They had several hit singles, commencing with a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love", which was used as the theme for BBC Television's Top Of The Pops.
    They parted in 1973 to create a band, Snape, that Alexis and Peter formed when on tour with King Crimson in the United States. Peter Thorup appeared on Alexis Korner's 1972 studio album called 'Accidentally Born in New Orleans'. A live album from this band was released in Germany.
    In 1976 Peter Thorup returned to Denmark to work with Danish musicians.
Peter mostly played rock or blues, but he also got a local pop hit, recording a Danish version of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's "Islands in the Stream" with Anne Grete in 1984. In the last couple of decades of his life he lived a quiet life, playing small concerts in Denmark and recording a few albums.

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