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Welcome to, one of the world's most extensive online collections of obituaries of the deceased stars of pop & rock music.

We are defining a "Pop Star" here as someone who has achieved significant success on the Pop singles charts in the U.K. or U.S.A; these charts first appearing in the nineteen fifties. Rock Stars are those who have predominantly enjoyed high sales of albums and/or sold-out concert tours at various times since the late nineteen sixties.

Each obituary has an audio background song or music piece, recorded by the star themselves or by a band with which they performed. An audio control can be found at the bottom of each obituary page where volume can be adjusted or the sound muted. The obituaries on this site are organised into alphebetical sections for easy navigation to those of your interest..


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Please have fun with Google by searching for your favourite dead star by putting their name + rockapaedia into the search box and see if their Rockapaedia obituary comes top in the search results. You can also find the Rockapaedia homepage via Google by making a search for "deceased stars rockapaedia".


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