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Don Ciccone

Bands: The Critters, The Four Seasons, The Shondells

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Don Ciccone died aged seventy on 8th October, 2016 of a heart attack in photo of Don CicconeKetchum, Sun Valley, Idaho, United States of America.
Don Ciccone was a singer, songwriter and musician playing guitar and bass guitar. He was a founding member of the pop group The Critters singing their biggest hits "Younger Girl" and "Mr. Dieingly Sad". The latter he wrote about his girlfriend Kathy Cobb before he entered the Air Force during the time of the Vietnam War. Kathy later became his wife. When The Critters's first album started to take off, Don was in the Air Force and the band had to tour without him which is why many videos on YouTube do not feature him.
Don Ciccone; birth-name: Donald Joseph Ciccone, was born in Jersey City, New Jersey on February 28, 1946. From the age of five, Don grew up in a 56-room mansion in Plainfield, New Jersey. In the 1970s, Don joined the Four Seasons, where he played guitar and bass and also contributed lead vocals to songs including "December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)" and "Rhapsody." After the Seasons, he joined Tommy James and the Shondells as their bassist, through 1987.
During his time with the Critters, Don wrote "Mr. Dieingly Sad" which reached number 17 in the American charts for them. He also wrote and recorded "There's Got to be a Word" which was later recorded and released by the image of Don CicconeInnocence in December 1966.

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