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Denis D'Ell

Band: The Honeycombes

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     Denis D'Ell died aged sixty-one from cancer on 6th July 2005 and was survived by his wife, Belinda and by two children from a previous marriage.
     Denis D'Ell was born Denis James Dalziel, in Whitechapel, London, United Kingdom on 10th of October, 1943. After winning a talent contest, he joined a local band called the Sheritons, which featured his sister Anne on drums and in which he was lead singer and harmonica player.photo of Denis D'Ell
Two BBC employees recorded some demonstration records of their songs, including "Have I the Right?". Then record producer Joe Meek offered to record them and "Have I the Right?" was recorded in three parts - the backing musicians, the vocals and then the stomping on the stairs.
     The Honeycombs had further success with "Is It Because?" and made the album 'It's the Honeycombs' in 1964. The Honeycombs had another Top Twenty hit, with "That's the Way", and made the album All Systems Go! They did, however, flounder after Joe Meek's suicide in 1967, then split up and did not reform until 1994.
     Denis D'Ell became a solo singer, mostly of soul songs, and his "Better Use Your Head" in 1967 became a 1970's favourite on the Northern Soul circuit.

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music: The Honeycombs with 'Have I The Right'